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Larchmont Manor Fountain

About The Park

In 1892, when the Larchmont Manor Company was dissolved, the property owners of Map 610 formed the Larchmont Manor Park Society. The certification of incorporation was signed with the mission of preserving and maintaining parks for residents living in Larchmont and the surrounding communities.

Throughout the years, Larchmont Manor Park Society, while remaining a private not-for-profit organization, provides many services to its community. These services include but are not limited to a seasonal bathing beach for Larchmont residents, the offering of programs to the children of the community and providing a nature preserve for native plants and animals.

The Larchmont Manor Park Society is overseen by a board of trustees living in Map 610 who are elected by the residents living within that zone. Their goal is to preserve the society and the park for future generations.

Larchmont Manor FountainLarchmont Manor BeachLarchmont Manor Beach floats

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