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Larchmont Manor Park is one of the rare waterfront areas on Long Island Sound which is accessible to the public for the enjoyment of the natural beauty of the Sound and its shoreline.

Often acclaimed as Larchmont's most valuable asset, Manor Park is about 12 1/2 acres in area and extends some 5,000 feet along the shoreline of the long Island Sound. There are paths for casual strolling and benches where visitors can rest and take in the striking scenery.

A wide variety of trees and shrubs complement the broad expanse of lawn and spectacular natural sculptures created by glacial rock formations. An old well, which remarkably produced fresh water only a few yards north of the shore, has been filled in but its rustic housing has been faithfully restored. Summer houses, three gazebos, on three promontories enable one to sit and enjoy a sweeping view of the Sound, the rock-ribbed shoreline and boating activity.

The Park is owned by some 280 residents of Larchmont Manor who own property located on Map 610 as filed in the Westchester County Registrar's Office. In addition to the shoreline area, the Park also includes nearby Fountain Square with its classic bronze mermaid fountain and other mall areas. Rather than restrict it as a private and exclusive reserve, the property owners, since 1872, have shared the park and waterfront with their neighbors and visitors from all over the metropolitan area, subject to a few basic rules designed to preserve its natural beauty and assure tranquility for all.

The Park has been maintained as a place of quiet enjoyment by the Larchmont Manor Park Society ever since the Society became the caretaker of the Park in 1892.

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