What is Map 610?

The property lines for Map 610 approximately cover the areas between Beach Avenue and Larchmont Avenue from Boston Post Road to Woodbine Avenue; all properties between Beach Avenue and Larchmont Harbor from Woodbine Avenue to Long Island Sound; and certain property west of Beach Avenue from Hazel Lane to Long Island Sound.  These property lines were first established by Thompson Flint.

How is Manor Park and the Larchmont Manor Park Society related to Map 610?

Manor Park refers to 12.5 acres and 5,000 feet along the shoreline of Long Island Sound originally set aside by the developers of Larchmont in the 1870s for use as a park by the owners of property in Map 610 of Larchmont Village. Mr. Flint purchased at auction in 1865 the Manor House (located at the end of Prospect Avenue) and the 300 acre tract of land, determined to develop the area as a village.  As an inducement to purchase lots, Mr. Flint set aside a large area along the waterfront as a Park.   Ownership of this land, plus four small islands and Fountain Square, was transferred in 1892 to the Larchmont Manor Park Society with its sole purpose as maintaining, preserving and protecting the land.  The Larchmont Manor Park Society is a private non-for-profit 501(c) 3 membership corporation organized under the Laws of 1888, Chapter 293, of the State of New York.

How is Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club (HHYC) related to the Larchmont Manor Park Society?

The Larchmont Manor Park Society owns the properties of HHYC. HHYC is a private club with its own Board of Directors, and was founded in 1888.  As part of the original agreements in the late 1800s, first consideration to applications for membership must go to property owners on Map 610 that hold easements rights in the park properties, and second consideration to the Village of Larchmont residents.

How does one become a member of the Larchmont Manor Park Society?

According to the by-laws of the Society, members are recruited by invitation among property owners whose titles derive from or through the Larchmont Manor Company (Map 610).  Any person qualified for membership in the Society under provisions of article 3 must be nominated and subsequently elected by the Board of Trustees.

Who runs the affairs of the Society?

A 7-member Board of Trustees, elected from and by the membership of the Society in the annual meeting, is charged with conducting the affairs of the Society. Trustees must be current members of the Society.

Can any Trustee or the Society or any owner of property on Map 610 with easement rights in the property of the Society claim ownership rights or profit in any monetary way in the property of the Society?

No.  The Society, under its charter, is obliged to hold in trust and maintain its deeded properties as a passive publicly accessible park for the benefit of the residents of the Village of Larchmont.

What does this mean to me as a resident of Map 610?

The properties of Manor Park were originally established to benefit the residents of Map 610.  The original developers had the unique foresight to set aside these lands and protect them from commercial or private development. This is an incredible privilege for residents of Map 610.  By defacto, residents of Map 610 are the very lucky stewards of Manor Park.

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